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  • When the division is carried so far as to separate what would be one leaflet into two, three, or several, the leaf becomes doubly or twice compound, either pinnately or palmately, as the case may be.

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  • The habits of the Long-Eared Owl are nocturnal. He is seldom seen in the light of day, and is greatly disturbed if he chance to issue from his concealment while the sun is above the horizon.

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  • While the young are still in the nest, the parent birds display a singular diligence in collecting food for them.

    • They usually have a simple nest in a hollow tree, but which seems seldom to be built by the bird itself, as it prefers to take the deserted nest of some other bird, and to fit up the premises for its own use.

    • If you should happen to know of an owl’s nest, stand near it some evening when the old birds are rearing their young.

    • They evidently answer to the radiate-veined or palmately-veined simple leaf. That is, the Clover-leaf of three leaflets is the same as a palmately three-ribbed leaf cut into three separate leaflets.