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  • WLUser Posted the thread The Cretan Borage (Borago Cretica).

    For instance, the Giant Comfrey will grow six feet high in rich or moist soil in a partially shaded ditch, and therefore, once fairly started, might be trusted to take care of itself in any position. The Caucasian Comfrey, on the other hand, grows from…
  • Calcium is an essential plant food element but its physiological use has not yet been definitely established. It seems to stimulate root-development, and certainly gives vigor and tone to the whole plant. It is commonly believed that calcium is in some…
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  • Doriana Malcoci Replied to the thread The Organic Components of Plants.

    According to authority, the parrot owner will find the health of his pet improved and its happiness promoted by giving it, every now and then, a small log or branch on which the mosses and lichens are still growing.
  • Much study has been given during recent years to the question of the supposed poisonous, or toxic, effects upon plants of various soil constituents. There seems to be no doubt that certain organic compounds which are injurious to plant life are often…
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  • Mirona Vicovean Commented on article King Parrot or King Lory.

    The parrot is one of the hardiest of birds when well cared for and will live to a great age. Some of these birds have been known to attain an age of seventy years, and one seen by Vaillant had reached the patriarchal age of ninety three
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