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  • WLUser Replied to the thread Inorganic Plant Toxins and Stimulants.

    A poisonous plant is defined as a plant that when touched or ingested in sufficient quantity can be harmful or fatal to an organism or any plant capable evoking a toxic and/or fatal reaction.
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    They call me the Golden Pheasant, because I have a golden crest. It is like a king’s crown. Don’t you think my dress is beautiful enough for a king? See the large ruff around my neck. I can raise and lower it as I please.
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    I am a Toucan and I live in a very warm country. See my handsome black coat and my yellow vest. My toes are like a parrot’s, two in front and two behind. They help me to hold to the limbs. Look at my large beak. It looks heavy but it is not.
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