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  • Tatiana Replied to a comment by Carol Jensen on WLUser’s wall.

    The flight of the owl is softened by means of especially shaped, recurved feather-tips, so that he may noiselessly steal upon his prey, and the ear is also so shaped as to gather sounds from below.
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  • Tatiana Reacted with Thanks to Maia Gojdu’s post in the thread What Plants Do With Water and How They Breathe.

    Whether it be desirous to retain water or to lose it by gradual evaporation, or expel an excess of it, each species of plant has developed the apparatus to best preserve its individual life. While only the barest outline of these adjustments to the…
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  • Maia Gojdu Replied to a comment by Doriana Malcoci on article The Long-Eared Golden Owl.

    The owl is of great usefulness to gardener, agriculturist, and landowner alike, for there is not another bird of prey which is so great a destroyer of the enemies of vegetation.
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  • Maia Gojdu Reacted with Haha to Carol Jensen’s post in the thread A Gymnosperm or Naked-seeded Plant.

    There are a variety of plants which furnish products known as hemp, but commercially only three are of much importance, the plant universally known under that name, the Manila hemp, and sisal. All of them are used chiefly for cordage. The hemp of the…
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  • Carol Jensen Wrote a comment on WLUser’s wall.

    The flight of the Trogon is rapid and straight. The long tail feathers, which never seem to be in the way, stream after him. The bird is never found except in forests of the loftiest trees, the lower branches of which, being high above the ground, seem…
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  • Carol Jensen Reacted with Like to Lauderdale’s post in the thread Inorganic Plant Toxins and Stimulants.

    Much study has been given during recent years to the question of the supposed poisonous, or toxic, effects upon plants of various soil constituents. There seems to be no doubt that certain organic compounds which are injurious to plant life are often…
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