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    While it is impossible, with our present knowledge, to even guess at the mechanism by which protoplasm condenses formaldehyde into sugars and these, in turn, into more complex carbohydrates, the structure and relationships to each other of the final products of photosynthesis are well known, and are discussed at length in the following chapter.

    Services Category Price
    5kg & Below 5-10kg
    Fulfillment Package Single Order 25 PHP/Item 50 PHP/Item
    Multiple Order 20 PHP/Item 45 PHP/Item
    Fragile Item 35 PHP/Item 70 PHP/Item
    Warehousing Only 30 Days & Below 5 PHP/Item 10 PHP/Item
    30 - 90 Days 10 PHP/Item 15 PHP/Item
    Seafreight 15 - 30 Days 12000 PHP/cbm
    Airfreight 3 - 14 Days 1000 PHP/kg

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